Believe in Yourself

My previous model was to do junk stocks. According to this model, no matter how bad the stocks are in 2018, the junk stocks can rebound in November without losing money. However, the market for White Horse in 2017 was so good. Various media, professional organizations, and Internet celebrities all advocated that White Horse came. Because of this, White Horse was deployed, and then White Horse failed miserably. The media didn’t believe me when I waited for it, but some Internet celebrities felt that their thinking was a bit similar to mine, so I believed it. Looking back now, isn’t this the plot in "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator", obviously they have their own methods, But because he believed in the so-called master, he lost himself. In fact, the role of these Internet celebrities is just a psychological massage, and transactions depend on themselves. Learn your lesson  and stick to your own method.


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