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Bitcoin is the best way to escape government regulation.

Bitcoin is very scarce, but it can't stop other currencies, such as ether, ringgit and bull coins. Those are very scarce, you say that the kind is particularly valuable and the other is not valuable. . Gold is different, it is scarce and no other metal can replace it.

I think the value of Bitcoin cannot be linked to actual productivity, so it is imaginary, and the technology of producing Bitcoin can also be used in other digital currencies. It is very alternative and has no uniqueness, and it is completely speculative. If you want to buy at such a high value, it is almost like jumping off a building to commit suicide.

I predict that there will be many people jumping into the river because of Bitcoin in 3 years. Don't go to the peace. I'm really afraid of inflation and buy gold and silver

After the emergence of quantum computers, Bitcoin will be worthless

Rich people move domestic assets to escape inflation and push Bitcoin higher

Bitcoin has channels to evade financial measurement and money laundering, so the next step in international financial management is to start with Bitcoin!

The root cause of Bitcoin's rise this time is that many Bitcoin funds have been approved for listing overseas, so a lot of funds enter Bitcoin, and it is certain that the funds will fall when they are empty.

Bitcoin is not a currency. Its unstable characteristics make it impossible to use it as a consumer currency. The second bitter must have an end because of the total amount control. When in the end, Peter must dig out no one to mine. Peter must not even execute the transaction. Then you say Is he in a bubble or not, but before that, I think it may rise to 100,000 US dollars. After all, there is too much hot money in mainland China, but how many people can successfully realize it depends on their resistance to temptation.

The world who buys the most bitcoin is China...

Bitcoin is not absolutely anonymous, and KYC is basically inseparable from most transactions.
You can understand that banknotes are also absolutely anonymous. It is impossible to check who owns this 100 yuan banknote, but the circulation of banknotes in the banking system is not absolutely anonymous.

As long as the global epidemic doesn't subside, Bitcoin will continue to grow wildly


  1. The United Nations Committee to Combat Bitcoin will be established
  2. The proliferation of Bitcoin will bring huge disasters to the human financial system
  3. Currency is something with the attribute of political power. Without the authorization of power, it will eventually be blocked by power. The proliferation of Bitcoin will greatly weaken the authority of the government and is a natural enemy.
  4. A large number of people approve or speculate on it, but it does not mean that it is correct or truthful.

Bitcoin uses 1% of the world's energy

The value does not lie in the energy consumed. In the future, computing efficiency will increase, such as quantum computing, and the value will naturally be low. And there are countless types of Bitcoin, how to say it is scarce

The value of Bitcoin is related to political fluctuations. It can be easily predicted. You can buy it in the short-term, but don't buy it in the long-term, because you don't know what those financiers are thinking. There are too many such cases. Now everyone is enthusiastic, maybe it's just one game.

Bitcoin and gold are tools to fight global inflation

The so-called mining is actually constant hash encryption. There is an interference character in the encryption process. The encryption is calculated by continuously adjusting this interference character. If the encryption calculation result has a few consecutive zeros corresponding to the rules, you will be counted as mining. In theory, this is no In any sense.

There are thousands of scarce items that can be used for currency. This in itself means that the scarce Bitcoin is not irreplaceable. There are many currencies with more technological advantages in the blockchain, such as the one from micali , And it is designed to solve practical problems, but those coins are not as high as Bitcoin. Therefore, the core of Bitcoin lies in "consensus", that is, there is traffic, which can appeal to everyone, especially the local tyrants like SoftBank. In ancient times, this was similar to silver becoming a world-class general equivalent at the end of the Ming Dynasty, but it relied on the silver mines discovered in South America by the Spanish and Portuguese empires. Incidentally, the silver-producing countries like Japan had a lot of capital, which required national support. Therefore, when considering buying bitcoins, if you don’t understand the underlying principles, you might as well read the currency law and think about what can be regarded as general equivalents. Investing in bitcoins now seems to me like entering the early stage of buying In addition to supporting the wealth and freedom of some people, the houses where Bitcoin people sit are purely a gamble for themselves. Bitcoin is not gold, nor silver. Want to become gold and silver requires strong support at the national level.


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