The World's Largest 100 Kilogram Gold Coin Worth $4.5 Million Stolen From German Museum

March 27, 2017, Berlin, Germany, $ 100 million, weighing 100 kilograms of "Maple Leaf" gold coins in the museum were stolen. It is reported that the gold coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, the face value of up to 100 million, weighing 100 kg, the purity of up to 99.999%, as the world's largest gold loaded Guinness Book of World Records.

Boulder Museum in Berlin, Germany, a rare theft on Monday, a weight of 100 kg of gold coin exhibits even stolen stolen, worth millions of dollars.

German museum spokesman Peterson (Stefen Petersen) said on Monday that the thieves broke the window around 3:30 am on Monday, blasting the exhibition box and stealing pure gold coins.

He said that this stolen gold coins called "big maple leaves". Canada Royal Mint in 2007 casting the gold coins, gold gold 999.99 / 1000, was included in the Guinness Book of World Records Daquan.

Coins up to 3 cm (1.18 inches), 53 cm in diameter (20.9 inches), one side printed with Queen Elizabeth II's head, the other side is Maple Map.

Gold face value of $ 1 million. However, its market price is nearly $ 4.5 million by weight.

Berlin police said the museum collection of more than 540,000 coins, but only "big maple leaves" stolen, I believe thieves are prepared to come.

The thief could have used a ladder found in the nearby railroads into the museum, and handed over the museum's security system while committing the crime. The suburban rail transit was interrupted by the investigators sorting out the area to find clues.

As the weight of gold is not light, the police believe that thieves more than one person, should be more people involved. At present, the police are actively investigating the case.

Alex Reeves, a spokesman for the Royal Mint in Canada, says many of the original big maple coins have been bought, so it has become a commodity.

He said that the Canadian Royal Mint a total of 5 large maple leaves pure gold coins, are the customer budget order coins, Germany is now stolen gold coins is one of them. The Bode Museum is an art museum and currency museum in Berlin, Germany. It is an important part of the German museum island complex and is a World Heritage site in 1999. The museum is one of the world's largest currency collections, with 102,000 ancient Greek coins and about 50,000 Roman coins.


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