Gold vs. Cryptocurrency Quotes

If earth has a future currency, it'll be backed by real money, gold. If there's intelligent life on other planets, and we want to trade with them, they'll almost certainly accept payment in gold. They'll refuse to accept payment in Bitcoin or any other crypto or paper currency.

Gold is very valuable, so you can fit a lot of value in a small space. #Bitcoin has no value, so it doesn't matter how many you can fit on a computer chip.  @PeterSchiff

I don’t agree with much you have to say about BTC, but this is quite a good point. I’m sure aliens would prefer tangible gold than our earth-made crypto, for which they would have no need and as a result no demand. But yeah, we can cross that bridge when we get there.   @DamezMod

Bitcoin is like buying a database entry that people are putting money in. Sounds completely stupid to me. It has no utility  beyond the entry. @ahmadosiddiqi is one of the most reliable elements on earth. It is stable, non reactive, highly conductive, highly maluble and thus highly valuable. Whether it's for jewellery or for computer components, it will always be of use. Crypto is literally digital air.  @thejohnbender83

Because gold has industrial and commercial uses. There are no uses for bitcoin. Additionally gold has a long track record or holding its value. I’m not a BTC hater but it’s just a speculative asset.  @JCfromtheChi

You can no longer buy Bitcoin now, for fear of a ban from governments. Bitcoin goes to zero. Throw it all. 2020 is the last madness of Bitcoin. With all kinds of digital currencies pouring out, is the money issued by the country still considered money? It develops beyond control, when countries ban it. Bitcoin is basically used to do bad things. Why is it not banned by countries? Because the people who manipulate Bitcoin are capital predators, and politicians dare not offend them. Capital wants to use money like Bitcoin to finally get rid of the control of various countries and control the world. China intends to implement its own digital currency, and other countries are expected to gradually move towards digital currency. Because, with digital currency, tax evasion and other problems can be completely avoided. One obstacle in Western society is the issue of personal privacy. Because the government uses digital currency to operate, the operation of buying a pair of socks by individuals is exposed. @unknown


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