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50 State Quarters / Silver State Quarters

The 50 State Quarters program (Pub.L. 105-124, 111 Stat. 2534, enacted December 1, 1997) is the release of a series of commemorative coins by the United States Mint. Between 1999 and 2008, it featured each of the 50 individual U.S. states on unique designs for the reverse of the quarter.

The state quarter program

During the program, a new statehood quarter was released by the United States Mint every quintile, or 1/5th of a year (73 days, or ten weeks), meaning that five designs were released each year. Each quarter's reverse celebrated one of the 50 states with a design honoring its unique history, traditions and symbols, usually designed by a resident of that state and chosen by the state government.

The quarters are released in the same order that the states joined the Union. The obverse of each quarter is a slight redesign of the previous design of the quarter.

The statehood quarters program has become one of the most popular commemorative coin programs in United States history; the United States Mint has estimated that over one hundred million individuals have collected state quarters, either formally or informally.

By the end of 2008, all of the original 50 states quarters had been minted and released. The official total, according to the U.S. Mint, was 34,797,600,000 coins. The average per state design was 695,952,000 coins, but ranged all the way from Virginia's 1,594,616,000 to Oklahoma's 416,600,000, a difference by a factor of about 3.83. The average was skewed higher by a few states with very large mintage numbers, while the median state had a total of 580,500,000 coins. Only two states had a very close number of minted coins, Missouri and Wisconsin each with about 453,200,000 coins.


Mintage quantities

State Denver Philadelphia Total
Delaware 401,424,000 373,400,000 774,824,000
Pennsylvania 358,332,000 349,000,000 707,332,000
New Jersey 299,028,000 363,200,000 662,228,000
Georgia 488,744,000 451,188,000 939,932,000
Connecticut 657,880,000 688,744,000 1,346,624,000
1999 Totals     4,430,940,000
Massachusetts 535,184,000 628,600,000 1,163,784,000
Maryland 556,532,000 678,200,000 1,234,732,000
South Carolina 566,208,000 742,576,000 1,308,784,000
New Hampshire 495,976,000 673,040,000 1,169,016,000
Virginia 651,616,000 943,000,000 1,594,616,000
2000 Totals     6,470,932,000
New York 619,640,000 655,400,000 1,275,040,000
North Carolina 427,876,000 627,600,000 1,055,476,000
Rhode Island 447,100,000 423,000,000 870,100,000
Vermont 459,404,000 423,400,000 882,804,000
Kentucky 370,564,000 353,000,000 723,564,000
2001 Totals     4,806,984,000
Tennessee 286,468,000 361,600,000 648,068,000
Ohio 414,832,000 217,200,000 632,032,000
Louisiana 402,204,000 362,000,000 764,204,000
Indiana 327,200,000 362,600,000 689,800,000
Mississippi 289,600,000 290,000,000 579,600,000
2002 Totals     3,313,704,000
Illinois 237,400,000 225,800,000 463,200,000
Alabama 232,400,000 225,000,000 457,400,000
Maine 231,400,000 217,400,000 448,800,000
Missouri 228,200,000 225,000,000 453,200,000
Arkansas 229,800,000 228,000,000 457,800,000
2003 Totals     2,280,400,000
Michigan 225,800,000 233,800,000 459,600,000
Florida 241,600,000 240,200,000 481,800,000
Texas 263,000,000 278,800,000 541,800,000
Iowa 251,400,000 213,800,000 465,200,000
Wisconsin 226,800,000 226,400,000 453,200,000
2004 Totals     2,401,600,000
California 263,200,000 257,200,000 520,400,000
Minnesota 248,400,000 239,600,000 488,000,000
Oregon 404,000,000 316,200,000 720,200,000
Kansas 300,000,000 264,400,000 563,400,000
West Virginia 356,200,000 365,400,000 721,600,000
2005 Totals     3,013,600,000
Nevada 312,800,000 277,000,000 589,800,000
Nebraska 273,000,000 318,000,000 591,000,000
Colorado 294,200,000 274,800,000 569,000,000
North Dakota 359,000,000 305,800,000 664,800,000
South Dakota 265,800,000 245,000,000 510,800,000
2006 Totals     2,925,400,000
Montana 256,240,000 257,000,000 513,240,000
Washington 280,000,000 265,200,000 545,200,000
Idaho 286,800,000 294,600,000 581,400,000
Wyoming 320,800,000 243,600,000 564,400,000
Utah 253,200,000 255,000,000 508,200,000
2007 Totals     2,712,440,000
Oklahoma 194,600,000 222,000,000 416,600,000
New Mexico 244,400,000 244,200,000 488,600,000
Arizona 265,000,000 244,600,000 509,600,000
Alaska 254,000,000 251,800,000 505,800,000
Hawaii 263,600,000 254,000,000 517,600,000
2008 Totals     2,438,200,000
District of Columbia 88,800,000 83,600,000 172,400,000
Puerto Rico 53,000,000 86,000,000 139,000,000
Guam 42,600,000 45,000,000 87,600,000
American Samoa 39,600,000 42,600,000 82,200,000
US Virgin Islands 41,000,000 41,000,000 82,000,000
Northern Mariana Islands 37,600,000 35,200,000 72,800,000
2009 Totals     636,200,000


State Quarters Value

Are State Quarters Worth More Than Face-Value?

Only if they are mint/proof sets that might be worth more than face value in the future. But for regular and circulated coins they have face value only.

How to Buy?

Option #1
Find a Local Dealer and buy the physical products at the store. Store it at home or in a bank's safety deposit box.

Option #2
Buy online from reputable dealers online and have the products delievered to you. Amazon is one of the most trusted sources online. The options are:

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Option #3
Buy online from credible dealers and store your gold or silver at a remote vault/storage place. Popular dealers: BullionVault

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