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MyGold - Buy Gold and Silver Bullion New Zealand

Main Highway

Tel: 0800 465 369  
Email: rich-AT-mygold-DOT-co-DOT-nz 


Payment Methods:
Cash|Bank Wire


MyGold is an independent dealer of precious metals for the New Zealand market. MyGold sources only the highest quality gold and silver bullion products for investors and the public. We supply physical gold and silver and because we are independent we can match the best products for your budget.
New Zealander's are waking up to the importance of buying gold and silver for investment and we offer some of the best gold and silver prices available. Simply there has never been a more important time to consider holding physical gold and silver.
Gold and Silver Bullion offers an excellent hedge against inflation and spreading investment risk is the hallmark of a wise investor. Gold delivers unparalleled protection against inflation and remains a consistent store of value. In uncertain times when the monetary policy of the day is to “print more” investors rush to the safety of gold and other commodities.
These are the primary reasons why you should consider gold & silver:
1. As a hedge against inflation
2. A hedge against the long-term trend of the declining US Dollar
3. The growing instability of the global economy and risk of future world tensions
4. Gold and Silver are finite resources (supply and demand)
5. Gold and Silver have always been a store of value with intrinsic value
6. Gold is a highly effective method of portfolio diversification that can protect wealth
7. Gold and Silver is something real that you can hold in your hand (if you can’t touch it you don’t own it)
If you are looking for a safe haven in these uncertain times, call us to learn just how easy it is to buy gold and silver bullion. Act now to secure your future wealth today.
P.S. click on the MyGold website link to see some of our products and the latest Gold Prices!


Full range of New Zealand and International gold/silver bullion products.


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